Nestled in the heart of Alabama’s breathtaking landscapes, just a stone’s throw from Montgomery, lies a venue that transforms ordinary church events into extraordinary adventures. Welcome to Kick Back Ranch & Event Center, where faith meets fun, and fellowship flourishes in the great outdoors. Imagine your next church retreat, picnic, or youth camp here, where the serene beauty of nature and an array of engaging activities create the perfect setting for spiritual growth and community bonding.

A Sanctuary Surrounded by Nature

Kick Back Ranch & Event Center is not your typical event space. Spread across acres of stunning ranch land and encircled by five picturesque lakes, it offers a tranquil escape from the hustle and bustle of daily life. Here, your congregation can gather to worship against the backdrop of Alabama’s natural splendor, fostering a deep connection with their faith and each other.

Venues That Inspire

Choose from a variety of venues to suit any event size or style. The Drover in Cowboy Town, with its grand stage, pull-down projector screen, and state-of-the-art audio-video capabilities, is perfect for larger worship services, presentations, or guest speakers. For smaller, intimate meetings or prayer groups, the Venue by the Lake offers a cozy setting equipped with modern amenities.

But why stop at indoor events? Our Outdoor Pavilion, nestled beside volleyball courts and covered hammocks, provides a unique open-air setting for worship, picnics, and community gatherings. And with our ample outdoor spaces, including the East Flat along the lake and the tree-lined Clearing, you’re sure to find the perfect spot for reflection and fellowship.

Activities for Every Soul

At Kick Back Ranch & Event Center, we believe in balancing spiritual activities with fun and relaxation. Dive into our thrilling water slides, compete in friendly volleyball or basketball games, or embark on peaceful walks through wooded trails. For the fishing enthusiasts in your group, our lakes offer a serene setting for both amateur and experienced anglers.

More Than Just an Event

Planning a church event at Kick Back Ranch is about creating an atmosphere that nurtures faith, fosters strong community bonds, and makes lasting memories. Whether it’s a spiritual retreat, fellowship picnic, or youth summer camp, our venue provides the perfect setting for attendees to engage with their faith while enjoying the beauty and recreational offerings of our ranch.

Let’s Plan Your Next Church Event

Kick Back Ranch & Event Center is more than just a venue; it’s a place where unforgettable experiences are born. Our dedicated team is ready to help you plan and execute a church event that exceeds your expectations. From worship services to water slides, each moment spent here is an opportunity for spiritual renewal and joyous fellowship.

So, why settle for the ordinary when you can create something extraordinary? Bring your church event to Kick Back Ranch & Event Center and discover the perfect blend of faith, fun, and fellowship. Let’s embark on this memorable journey together. Contact us today to plan your next event and make it an experience your congregation will cherish forever.