Fall at Kick Back Ranch isn’t just a season; it’s an experience. When the canopy of trees that adorn our Ramer haven start to flaunt their amber, crimson, and gold hues, it’s a sight that beckons nature lovers and families seeking serene getaways. This October, this mesmerizing setting plays host to our Frontier Day, slated for Saturday, October 28, 2023, from 11 AM to 7 PM. This occasion isn’t just a celebration of the season but a heartfelt gathering centered around giving.

The melodies of three diverse bands will serenade you as you meander between nearly 20 local vendor stalls, each echoing tales of community craftsmanship. Children will be drawn to the playful allure of bouncy houses and the gentle creatures of our petting zoo, making memories that will last a lifetime.

While a selection of food trucks offers a tantalizing culinary journey, the day’s essence remains rooted in a noble cause. The highlight of our gathering, the Boot Walk at 4 PM, is not just a moment of collective camaraderie, but a stride towards a brighter tomorrow. Every step taken and every dollar donated goes directly to Cancer Research. If you feel compelled to extend your support beyond the day’s activities, please consider making a donation directly through the Cancer Wellness Foundation’s donation page.

Transport yourself back in time as you witness tradespeople vividly reenacting period-specific crafts, illuminating the rich tapestry of our region’s history. As these artisans showcase their skills, the melodies from our live bands will provide a harmonious backdrop, echoing the sounds of yesteryears and today’s festivities.

But giving doesn’t stop at the Boot Walk. We’re partnering with LifeSouth to host a blood donation bus. Here, you can give the priceless gift of life to those in need. As the day culminates and the golden hues of dusk embrace our serene lakes, we hope you’ll leave with cherished memories and the joy of having made a difference.

Frontier Day at Kick Back Ranch is a testament to the spirit of community, fun, and philanthropy. If you’re unable to join us but wish to support the cause, we encourage you to donate via the Cancer Wellness Foundation’s link. As leaves rustle and laughter echoes, come be a part of a fall day that promises more than just scenic beauty but a heartwarming legacy of giving.